At Home Telephone Sales Associate

This position may be primarily work-from-home.  You will be responsible for telephone sales prospecting and development in a business-to-business environment selling radio program opportunities to business professionals and service companies in the Northern Shenandoah Valley, and sales prospecting for radio, web and social media advertising on wXva and its associated media.  Additionally, you may also assist at outside broadcasting events (Remotes) and broadcast sports events.

The successful applicant will be a well organized, well spoken and persuasive telephone canvasser who can:Telephone

  • Sell radio program time and production services for shows produced by local professionals (Lawyers, doctors, chiropractors, dentists, financial planners, etc.) service companies (Landscapers, home re-modelers, stylists, web designers, etc) and interest groups (Church, political, cultural, or activist).
  • Prospect for sales of commercial advertisements on wXva.
  • Prospect for sales of advertisements on wXva related internet media.
  • Conduct e-mail campaigns in support of sales and prospecting.
  • Answer sales related telephone calls and facilitate advertising and radio show sales contracts.
  • Maintain records of efforts and results in an online management tool.
  • Coordinate with wXva management and sales force.
  • Assist at wXva outside broadcasts and other events.

To accomplish this job from home, the applicant will need an appropriate, comfortable  work location with a web connected computer, and a high speed internet jack for a company supplied telephone.  If this is not available, the applicant will work from the wXva studios.  It is expected that you will spend at 10 – 15 hours per week during business hours actively pursuing sales.

This job will require in-person attendance at weekly sales meetings (occasionally by skype when schedule demands)  and occasional visits to customer locations.  You will be paid hourly for meetings, outside broadcasts, etc., paid for each completed sales call, plus commission on completed sales, and a bonus for  sales leads which are converted to a sale by a station sales associate.

If this sounds like the at-home job for you send resume to