The New 102.9 Valley FM & Small Business

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Bringing Your Business to Our Listening Audience!

Bringing Our Station To Your Business With Live Broadcasting


The New 102.9 Valley FM  wants to be your partner in the development of your small business.

We, like you, are a small business. We face the same issues that you do. We’re not a giant corporation with endless pockets. We know what it is like to work on limited budgets. We want to stretch our money, create an impact, and make the most informed decisions we can… and want to do the same for you.

Our goal is to maximize every dollar of you spend to promote your small business.  We understand how important stretching those dollars can be to your bottom line. It is to ours, too. Let’s work together to design a campaign to maximize your advertising dollar.

We use a 360 degree approach to advertising that uses a combination of social media, on-air engagement with our morning show or short features complementing your scheduled commercials. We have an increasing array of Banner, Tile and Pencil ads right here on our website, which are affordable and a great way to drive business to your online presence. No matter what type of business you are in, we have something for you that can fit into your budget.

Contact our Sales Team today to see how The New 102.9 Valley FM Xva can help make Your Dollar be the most effective  Advertising – by partnering with The New 102.9 Valley FM Xva!