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  • Who Will Get The Biopic Treatment Next? November 22, 2014
    For better or worse, biopics — those big, sweeping epics about the life of a Very Important Person — have been reliable vehicles for actors of color to establish their mainstream actor bona fides.
    Gene Demby
  • In Response To Attacks, Israel Takes Down Palestinian Homes November 22, 2014
    After a deadly attack by a Palestinian militant last month, Israel blew up his apartment building. Israel says the aim is deterrence, while the Palestinians call it "collective punishment."
    Emily Harris
  • In Bowling Alleys And In Rock Clubs, The Dude Abides November 22, 2014
    Big Lebowski star Jeff Bridges is known as an actor, but he's been playing music for just as long. "Whenever I'm working, I'll have my guitar with me," he says.
    Daniel Hajek